Place 49 – Day 164: Auckland – A Company Function

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went to work this morning in the bitterly cold weather. Apparently it’s Auckland’s coldest winter in a while and boy is it cold.

Curtis got to work, freezing, and got on with some work.

Curtis booked a courier for a couple of items to be delivered and he then had to fight with a PC to get it to work.

Curtis had a fairly busy day dealing with some issues. He also found out that he’ll be heading up a mini project which is exciting!

The courier arrived to pickup the parcels but he didn’t provide the number required so Curtis had to complain to the company and eventually the driver came back to provide it.

Curtis left, again, freezing cold and drove home.

Curtis got home, did the washing up and then turned on our heater in the bedroom to get warm!

Curtis played games all evening whilst Kim was out galavanting!

Kim’s Evening;

Kim went out with a work colleague to a work function. She had the opportunity to learn more about he company and what it does. It was very interesting and Kim had an amazing time and learnt so much!

Both of us;

Kim was dropped home and we then went out to buy some pizza from the supermarket.

We came home and were still cold so we turned on the heater and ate our pizza in the warm.

We chilled out for a bit and then headed to bed. Mostly just to keep warm… New Zealand homes aren’t made for warmth…

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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