Place 49 – Day 160: Auckland – A Catch Up With Old Friends

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went to work and again arrived early!

Curtis was able to get some admin done in the morning and then had a few remote sessions to do in the morning before having lunch and going to a client off site.

Curtis had to drive south to get to the client and once he arrived he got stuck right in.

At the client, he was able to get his planned work done within a couple of hours and then went right back to the office.

There was some Microsoft related issues that Curtis had to deal with when he got back which took up his time until the end of the day when he drove home.

Both of us;

We both got home and got started on dinner. We had salt and pepper rump steak with an assortment of vegetables and gravy!

We ate our food and watched some TV and then got ready to go out.

We met with our friend which we met whilst in Croatia traveling.

We met James at a really nice pub about 15 minutes drive from our home. It took us a while to find parking but we eventually did.

We had a couple of drinks and spoke about what we’ve all done since we last spoke.

James lives here in Auckland also so we’ll need to meet a few more times.

We left here and headed home and then Kim went out to see some friends from her old job.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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