Place – Day 158: Auckland – Mid-Week Mini Movie Meander

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to leave early to get some fuel this morning, so was up 15 minutes earlier at 06:00.

Curtis left the house and it was still dark…That’s unsure but it almost winter!

Curtis got the the petrol station and filled up with fuel before figuring out how to get to work from there.

Curtis had to take a different route and it took a long time with a lot of standstill traffic. Lucky he left early!

Curtis got to work 15 minutes early but that was useful as he had to get ready for a site visit.

Curtis had a few phone calls and a few emails to deal with before going to the client at 09:00.

Curtis got to the client and had to park quite far away, which didn’t help when it was raining a lot. It was mostly likely very entertaining to watch him try and hold an umbrella whilst trying to get 3 boxes out of the car. All fun and games!

Curtis removed the old files from the old machine and setup the new machine before adding the files. Then, Curtis was done.

When Curtis got back, he was handed a case which then took over an hour on the phone, so that was a perfect time for lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had some cases to troubleshoot and some new cases came in too.

Curtis left a little early from work as got there early.

Both of us;

We both got home and decided we wanted to watch Deadpool 2 so we looked up cinemas and found the best one as well as a food place.

We went to Takapuna for food but the place we wanted to go was full so we went to an italian place we had previously visited. Kim had risotto again and Curtis had penne al forno. Both were OK.

We left the restaurant and drove to the Warehouse to get some snacks for work and then drove on to the cinema location.

We got to the cinema a bit early but we relaxed and then bought a drink each and some popcorn so we were ready!

What a great film! We both loved it.

We drove home and, on the way, we noticed part of a car on the road followed by a car with its 4-ways on so we stopped to check they were ok. It turns out they were hit and run!

We drove back home and Kim had a shower and made lunch.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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