Place 49 – Day 157: Auckland – A Parking Nightmare

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work on time and set about some work.

Curtis was building up to having to go to a client so didn’t want to start anything too taxing.

Curtis left for the client at 11:30 with the plan to get fuel before hand. The petrol station was too busy so he couldn’t be bothered so went straight to the client.

Curtis got there and was told where he could park. The car park was full so he tried to find other parking which took 10 minutes! He was eventually told it was fine to block people into the car park so he did that and went inside.

Curtis had a couple of machines to sort out. First, he had to uninstall office and install a different version.

Secondly, he had to replace a HDD with an SSD and get all the data off of the old HDD and onto the new one. He also had to install all required software and setup the account.

Curtis was finished here and then drove to an ice hockey shop to get some stick tape.

Curtis then went back to the office where he had quite a few things to get done before leaving.

Curtis then drove home.

Curtis is off to a client in the morning tomorrow but will probably be in the office all day after that.

Both of us;

Curtis got home from work and put on a wash and emptied the dishwasher, then Kim got home and we had some dinner!

Kim used leftover chicken to make Chinese chicken with rice which must have been the best yet! Delicious!

We binged some TV and then went to the supermarket to get a few lunch related food and some beverages.

We got back and hung out the laundry, hitting each other with wet underwear in the process because that’s fun!

We then had wine and ice cream as well as watched some more TV and played games.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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