Place 49 – Day 154: Auckland – Haircuts & Soaked By The Rain

We woke up at 09:50 and Kim went to get a McDonald’s for breakfast. Curtis had a ‘hunger buster’ muffin and Kim had a regular mcmuffin but two hash browns!

We ate breakfast and then got ready to go out.

We were both planning to get haircuts today and Curtis knew where he wanted to go.

We drove to Curtis’ work and parked there before walking to the barber shop. We got a tad bit wet on the way and were incredibly soaked by the time we arrived.

The barbershop was within a bar we had been to previously. There was a deal for a $20 haircut with a beer, so we did that.

Curtis really liked his haircut and the barber was a really nice guy too. Pretty sure we’ll go there in the future too!

We finished up the beer and then we went to find somewhere for Kim to get her hair cut. We found somewhere and Kim got hers done and was very pleased!

We then had to try and navigate back to the car in the rain. We made the decision to go to the supermarket to get an umbrella because we were just far too wet!

We got this and, as you’d expect, it stopped raining.

We got back to the car without getting wet and drove home.

Once we got back we had some noodles and got ready to go out again!

Curtis had an important hockey game today against top place in the league!

Curtis didn’t have his best game, but did get an assist on a goal which happened to be disallowed…

Curtis got 2 penalties too in this game, sticking to his good form.

Curtis’ team tied 1-1 which was a good result and then are now unbeaten in the last 3 games as well as 3rd place.

Kim dropped Curtis at home and went to get some food. We just had frozen pizza and garlic bread with a beer and spent the evening chatting with our housemate and we watched a bit of the royal wedding, not that any of us were too interested and for bored of it!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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