Place 49 – Day 153: Auckland – Half A Day Of Driving

As previously mentioned, Kim is unable to share her work day on the blog with her new job so for be surprised if you don’t see one from her!

Curtis got to work and had just an hour before setting off to a client.

Curtis had a laptop to pick up in New Lynn so he drove there first. He was there for about 45 minutes and then drove to Mangere to visit a client briefly.

Curtis asked around at the client if anyone had any issues and then left here to get back to the office.

Once Curtis got back he had a little bit of time before he had a client meeting him at the office to collect a laptop and go through the setup.

Once that was done Curtis spoke with Kim during lunch and then in the afternoon he had a meeting and a remote session or two to complete.

Curtis left the office on time and done home, making it home in good time.

Kim got home shortly after and we relaxed and then made dinner. We had homemade bolognese on pasta.

Kim was meant to go for drinks with a friend but they canceled so we sat and watched Black Panther together instead which was the perfect evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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