Place 49 – Day 151: Auckland – Indian Takeaway

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim slept in as it is her last day of not being employed!

Tomorrow Kim starts her new role as a receptionist and won’t be contributing much to the daily blogs during the weekdays anymore.
Today Kim watched TV in the morning and then popped into her new place to work to fill in more forms.

After this Kim planned to go to a dog sanctuary with a friend Blum arrived first and asked if they were doing viewings and she was told that you have to be very serious about adopting that day to see the animals. So that was no fun.

While she was in the area Kim stopped by the large diving pool in Auckland to have a look at it. 10 meters looks much higher than Kim remembers!

Kim then headed home with the plan of getting a coffee with a friend. There was an incident on the bridge between Auckland city and the North Shore which doubled Kim’s travel time so they never went and got a coffee.

When Kim finally made it home she vegged on the sofa and watched more TV until Curtis came home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work early today and therefore made up for getting there late yesterday.

Curtis had to do some data entry work and that ended up taking up most of the morning!

Curtis got told he had to go and see a client to fix some computer issues so he went there after he had lunch.

The client decided to just use a new PC which they had so Curtis set that up for them and headed back to the office.

Before he knew it, Curtis was leaving to go home!

Both of us;

Curtis got home and we couldn’t decide what to have for dinner so we ordered an Indian takeaway and watched TV. When Kim went to collect the takeaway, Curtis made some changes to the blog (which you may notice!). He also created an email address for our blog:

We tried lemon, lime and bitters Bundaberg and it’s safe to say that we do not like it!

We had some wine and watched some more TV as well as some YouTube videos and then we went to bed.

Kim starts her new job tomorrow and Curtis is just at the office (for now!).

The below blog post is the first day of Prague! Check it out!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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