Place 49 – Day 149: Auckland – Got Another Job!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off, obviously! She woke up at a decent time as she was expecting a call about her new job.

She spent most of the day relaxing and watching some TV. Kim also spent a lot of time looking for somewhere to get her hair cut. Kim has only ever had the same wonderful hairdresser and is finding it very stressful to find someone who matches up!

Kim was just heading out the door to run a couple of errands when she got a phone call saying she got the job!
Kim will be a receptionist for a company that is only a 4 minute drive from her house! It will be so nice to be able to spend time with Curtis on weekends and in the evening.

Kim then headed to the shops to pick things up that she forgot yesterday and pulled up at home as Curtis was walking up from parking his car.

Curtis Day;

Curtis had to go to work today.. How rude!

Curtis got to work and someone from his team had made some changes overnight which unfortunately broke something! Curtis spent all morning attempting to fix, but was fairly unsuccessful.

Curtis had lunch and then tried to work out some scanner settings which were not playing ball!

Curtis then left work around 16:35.

Both of us;

We both got home around the same sort of time and we had plans to go out both to celebrate Kim’s new job but also go to quiz night with Josh and Danielle.

We we to the quiz and ordered food. Curtis got a beef cheek with pumpkin pureé and fried gnocchi and Kim had a pesto chicken pizza.

We smashed the last few rounds of the quiz and clawed ourselves to 3rd from last (our best result!) and getting a $20 voucher again.

We left here and came back home for some Jameson whiskey and fortnite before heading to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

4 thoughts on “Place 49 – Day 149: Auckland – Got Another Job!”

  1. Well done darling, we thought you’d get it (obviously we think they would’ve been fools if they didn’t employ you, but we’re biased!!!). A nice steady Mon-Fri (9-5) job a few minutes drive away – absolutely perfect. Have a nice few restful days off before you start later this week. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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