Place 49 – Day 148: Auckland – Saving A Dog!

We woke up without an alarm at 11:20. We fancied a Mcdonalds so Kim went to get one but it wasn’t serving the breakfast we wanted so Kim just got some food from the shop. We had a bagel with ham, cheese and egg with hash browns.

We eventually managed to move our lazy bodies from the house to go shopping for the week.

On the way to the mall, we saw a dog wandering around the road! Kim hopped out to see if it had a number on its collar.

Curtis drove down the road a bit, parked and tried to walk but but was unable to cross the road so he walked back and got the car and drove to where Kim was.

The dog unfortunately only had the council’s number on the tag so we called that. They said to take it home and they would collect it, so that’s what we did.

We got the dog home and gave it some water. It was a beautiful black lab!

Nicola came up with the thought that we should just wander around where we found it which was a good idea, so we found something to use as a lead and took it back.

We walked around for a bit just checking if anyone was missing a dog when a woman came out and stated it was hers! She was actually looking after it for a friend so lucky we found it!

After this good deed, we drove to the shops and picked up a few things.

We left there and came home to had some noodles and watch some TV before we had to go to the ice rink for Curtis’ hockey game.

Curtis’ game went well as they won 3-1! It was a very good display, though Curtis did get a penalty (though he didn’t do anything wrong!).

After the game, we went out to a bar near the rink with some of the team and just had a drink and a laugh for an hour or so.

We were hungry after being at the bar so we went to Wendy’s and got some food there. Curtis had a baconator and Kim had a chickenator.

We finished our food and made our way back home.

Once we got home we spoke with Curtis’ family! It’s been a while since speaking with them so it was good to catch up.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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