Place 49 – Day 147 – Last Day & First Live NZ Hockey Game

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had her last day at the hotel, she went out with a bang by hosting two high tea birthday parties!

Kim headed into work for 9 to finish setting up for the 90th birthday party she was hosting in the afternoon, it was a 50 person buffet style high tea with a mini tea station where Kim would allow for people to sample different styles of teas!

Throughout the afternoon Kim ensured that the function went well, she took out the food and made sure everyone was having a lovely afternoon. This was the once function that Kim took the first phone call, held all the meetings and did all of the background paperwork for as well as actually hosting the event. It went so well and Kim was so pleased.

Kim then had a 1.30 minute time slot to rearrange the room from one function to the next. The room had to be set up for 35 people to enjoy a sit down high tea as a 21st birthday.
Once the room was set up and everyone was seated Kim ran around to take everyone’s drinks orders and then took the food out. Everything went smoothly and swiftly! This meant that Kim was then able to assist out on the restaurant floor.

Towards the end of the evening Kim and a few coworkers set the ballroom up for Mother’s Day tomorrow!

At the end of her shift Kim sat down with her dinner and a drink and had her last evening chat with her boss. It was such a brilliant shift to end on. Although it’s been a short time at the hotel Kim has really enjoyed it!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 08:50 with the sound of angle grinders, hammers and drills as neighbours were doing some renovations.

Curtis had a shower and some breakfast and then didn’t do too much.

Kim messaged Curtis for him to drop something to her at work, so he did just that. He drove to Devonport and to Kim’s work to drop it off. Once he did this, he made his way back home, stopping on the way for fuel.

Curtis got back home, had a drink and a chat with Nicola and then left right again to pickup his friend and hockey team mate, Aaron, and go to the hockey game!

The game was a very good one, for a pre season game! There was a lot of physicality and there were two British players which Curtis knew so was awesome to watch them live (one of which plays for Guildford who used to play in the same league as Basingstoke… Small world!).

The game ended 4-2 to the Admirals (blue) and Curtis drove Aaron back home and then himself home.

Curtis was starving so he had some ‘ravioli bolognese’ which was adequate though didn’t really fill him up.

At around 23:00, Kim came home.

Both of us;

Kim got home and we both spoke about our day. Curtis explained all the cool things about the hockey game and Kim told Curtis about her last day of work!

Curtis ate a blueberry muffin and then we went to bed. It was a long day for Kim and Curtis is always tired anyway.

Curtis has a hockey game tomorrow so that is our plans. We may go out for a drink afterwards too with Curtis’ teammates!

The link below will now take you to day one of our Krakow visit! Ensure you take a look!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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