Place 49 – 146: Auckland – The Cat’s Out The Bag

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start so she spent the morning relaxing, again!!
She found out a friend of hers wasn’t feeling 100% so while running some errands before work Kim dropped off some chocolates and bubble bath in hope that it would make her feel a little better.

She then headed into work and was working on bar! This meant that Kim spent most of her day pouring drinks and chatting with regulars!

Today was a bittersweet shift for Kim as it is her penultimate shift at the hotel. She has already given in her notice. Since they have moved out of Devonport Kim has found the journey into work increasingly frustrating, especially on weekends. Kim decided that a 9-5 Monday – Friday job would suit her better at this point. It’s very sad to be leaving the hotel but Kim is so thankful for the amazing friends she has made as a result of working at the hotel.

At the end of her shift Kim went out for a drink with two of her coworkers. It was so lovely to just laugh for a few hours!

Then Kim headed home with the plan of stopping off at the supermarket to grab some extra dinner, but there wasn’t much available so instead Kim popped to KFC for popcorn chicken and shared it with Curtis when she got home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had some cereal, had a shower and drove to work.

Shortly after Curtis got to work, he received a call saying that client’s server was down! Luckily, it came back up and seemed fine, so Curtis didn’t have to go on site.

Curtis had a lot to do again today but also got a lot of calls and emails too, so it was a very busy day!

The day felt like it dragged too, which didn’t help. Curtis had a single remote session for about 2 hours… Who doesn’t like dealing with printers for 2 hours?

Curtis drove home and there was quite a bit of traffic.

Once Curtis got home, he had the leftover steak from the steak fajitas yesterday.

Curtis then played some games and had to wait a while for Kim to come home as she was working until 22:00 and then went for a drink.

Both of us;

Kim arrived home and we went straight to bed as Kim is working from 06:30 in the morning!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

1 thought on “Place 49 – 146: Auckland – The Cat’s Out The Bag”

  1. Just incase we don’t get the chance to text again for awhile. Hope your last shift at the hotel goes well for you. Have a nice rest on Sun and the best of luck for Mon. Love you lots. Coxoxo

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