Place 49 – Day 145: Auckland – #1 Victory Royale

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off!
She had a bit of a lie in but was woken up by their neighbours hammering away at their renovations. It has been cool to see an entire glass wall replaced throughout the day though!

Kim then had some breakfast and spent most of the morning relaxing.
She then headed out in the afternoon to catch up with a friend for coffee. Once she got there Kim found out her friend wasn’t able to make it so she went on to get her shopping done instead.

Kim got a few things for the house and some steak strips for fajitas for dinner.

When Kim got home she prepared the dinner by cutting up veggies and marinating the steak.

Just as she was clearing down Curtis came home!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went to work and knew he had to go to a client at 11:00, so was aware of the limited time he had in the office.

He was on the way to work when he started having a coughing fit and the only drink he had was a can of Dr Pepper, so he had to drink that at 07:00!

Once Curtis got to work, he saw that the beetroot from his leftovers for dinner and over everything in his bag. Luckily, not much went everywhere so not much harm was done.

Curtis had a lot to get done so he wanted to ensure he got as much of that completed before spending however look it would take at the client.

Curtis drove to the client which is about a 20-30 minute drive away. His goal was to check on them and see how things were going, as well as answer any issues.

Curtis completed this really quickly and was back at the office within an hour and a half! This resulted in him being able to get even more done, which was excellent!

Both of us;

Curtis got home from work and Kim was already home. We played some games and spoke about our day and then Kim finished making dinner.

We had delicious steak fajitas!

We watched some TV and then Nicola came back and we spoke with her for a while.

We then played more fortnite and Curtis was able to get our first ever solo win! (it was in the Infinite Gauntlet mode but not the point!) so that was a high point of our day.

Curtis has no client visits tomorrow and Kim will be working from 14:00.

Almost the weekend!

Below’s link is still the best we have ever done. This was the Chernobyl tour blog which took a long time but we still think it’s the best. Ensure you give it a read and share!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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