Place 49 – Day 139: Auckland – A Day In The Office

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on a late start.
She relaxed but then had to head in 30 minutes early to go over some things for next weeks functions and some back office stuff.

Kim then went into bar where she spent most of the evening. When more staff came on shift Kim did a little more work towards the functions and a little more back office stuff.

Kim then stayed on the bar for the rest of the evening. It was a really fun shift!

At the end of her shift Kim had a mispour corona with her lamb wraps! A perfect end to such a great shift!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work a little early today, but that meant he could start on some work.

A client was leaving, so Curtis had to collate all of their passwords, keys and information into a spreadsheet and send it to them. That took up about 1 hour of his day.

For the rest of the day, Curtis had a few cases to complete and answered a phone call or two.

A lot of what Curtis needed to do was varied, so it kept the day fresh and before he knew it, it was home time!

Curtis got home and heated up the leftovers from yesterday’s Swedish meatballs and had those for dinner.

Curtis did two loads of laundry and then Kim came home!

Both of us;

We played some fortnite and drank wine for the first hour and then we watched some TV before heading to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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