Place 49 – Day 137: Auckland – Random Fireworks 🎇

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on an early morning shift! She set everything up and helped with breakfasts as per usual. Kim had a few check outs and one person extended their stay by another night.

Kim then spent a lot of her morning doing a follow up email for her meeting the day before.

At the end of breakfast / beginning of lunch we had a few larger tables come in which meant Kim was on floor again.

Kim then spent the early afternoon catching up on emails and other stuff.
She then headed off and on the way home picked a friends girl up from school and dropped her off at home.
Kim then relaxed at home until Curtis got home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis didn’t feel great this morning. He still has his sore throat but also felt a little sick.

Curtis got to work and started to feel better. He had a coffee and did some admin before going to a client. Luckily, he was only there for 2 hours and got back to the office for 12:30.

Whilst Curtis was at that client, there were about 8 issues at another client so he spent the whole afternoon trying to sort these issues. It was a range of printer issues to other issues such as network and email issues and it’s still not done and will need to be continued tomorrow.

Both of us;

Kim was home when Curtis got home and and we went to the supermarket to buy dinner. We forgot a few things so stopped at another supermarket.

We got home and Kim made dinner. We had fried chicken with noodles and vegetables.

We ate and spoke with our housemate and had a beer.

We watched an episode of TV then played some fortnite. Whilst we were playing fortnite, we heard some bang noises and there was a lot of really nice fireworks, so we watched for a while.

Kim is off work tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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