Place 49 – Day 136: Auckland – Cables

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started late again but she was up shortly after Curtis left as she took a friends daughter to school.
Kim then came back and made the same breakfast as the day before and it was delicious!

Kim then headed into work and was working in the restaurant. When she got in she had a meeting about an upcoming seven she is hosting. The meeting lasted roughly and hour and it was great to iron out the last few details of the function. Kim has agreed to follow up and confirm in an email tomorrow.

Kim saw a cute, happy dog today, too!

Kim then spent the evening behind the bar. It was a nice and fun shift because there was a jazz band playing.

Kim was able to shut early as throughout the evening they had set up for breakfast. By the time the owner walked in everything had been shut down and cleaned.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was able to have a nice hot shower this morning!

Curtis drove to work and was there for a couple of hours before he needed to drive to a client. This was a client Curtis hadn’t been to before and it was about a 30 minute drive from work.

Curtis got to the client and started by making some network cables, which he hasn’t done for a few years! It took a while but with the help of the client he got the cables created.

Curtis then configured 2 wireless access points and set them up for use on the network but one of the network cables (which runs through the floor) wasn’t working, so that is where the day ended and Curtis will more than likely need to go back once it is all sorted and complete the job.

Curtis drove home at around 16:00 as he didn’t have any lunch and got home at 16:30.

Curtis made dinner once he got home. He had the same as yesterday because the chicken needed to be used. He didn’t cook it as well as yesterday but it was still quite good.

Curtis then waited for Kim to come home.

Both of us;

Kim got home and made Curtis a hot toddy for his sore throat because she is lovely!

Kim had a wine and we watched some TV. We then had some ice cream with cookies and chocolate and watched another TV show before heading to bed.

Kim is working in the morning and Curtis is going to another client but hopefully only for about 3 hours!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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