Place 49 – Day 135: Auckland – Hot Water Is Back!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start again so she spent the morning relaxing.
Kim made a nice big breakfast / lunch of hash browns, eggs and a slice of toast.

Kim headed into work and was on reception. There were only a couple of check ins, one came in relatively early. Kim spent most of the evening working in the restaurant.

At the end of her shift Kim had a lamb wrap for dinner. On the way home Kim stopped at the supermarket to buy wine and cookies!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to do a rather funny dance in the shower this morning as it was nice and cold… He was certainly awake after that!

Curtis got to work at 07:25 and caught up with some admin and some training before headed to a client. This was the same client Curtis went to twice last week.

Curtis expected to be, and was, there all day. Again, things didn’t work as expected, though he did get a lot done.

There are now discussions as to the next steps to take so that he doesn’t waste some more of his time doing things that don’t work.

Curtis was here all day and the client was very kind and kept making curtis coffee and checking in on him.

Curtis had to start something that he knew was a long process right at the end of the day, so he didn’t leave until 17:30.

Curtis got home and chilled out. He has noticed he has got a bit of a sore throat.. Let’s hope it’s not the start of something!

Curtis had chicken Kiev (the fresh kind not the frozen ones!) for dinner with potatoes and vegetables. Delicious!

Curtis ate this and Kim came home nice and early from work!

Both of us;

Kim got back and we caught each other up with our day. We then had a chat with our flatmate and celebrated that there is now hot water again before having some wine and watching TV.

Curtis is off to a different client about 30 minutes from the office tomorrow. He is getting there for about 10:30 and is hoping not to be there all day.

In case you haven’t seen, the below link takes you to this date last year. Right now, it’ll take you to Split, which was an incredible time and a beautiful place! We suggest you take a gander!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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