Place 49 – Day – 134: Auckland – No Hot Water!

We woke up at 09:00 as Kim had work at 10:00.

Our flatmate informed us that we, for some reason, had no hot water!

We had to have cold showers, which will certainly wake us up for the next few days!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started at 10. We had a booking of 11 in for breakfast which Kim handled, they were good fun!
We then did a bit of cleaning during the day.

After the lunch rush we had a group of 9 join us for a late lunch, this was nice because it kept us busy during our quieter times.

Kim then spent most of the evening on bar and running food.

We finished really early, as the weather wasn’t so great the entire town was pretty empty.

After her shift Kim went out with a couple of colleagues for their leaving drinks, it was so nice to say a final goodbye.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had some breakfast and waited for the landlord to come and look at a leak we had during the large amount of rain we got.

The landlord and Curtis noticed that there was a small hole or two on the terrace that was probably causing it, so we’ll need to get that filled!

He also mentioned that sometimes hot water is lost here on the North Shore after a storm and is usually fixed within 3 days.

Curtis spent the rest of the day relaxing whilst Kim worked for 10 hours!

For dinner, Curtis just had a frozen pizza (pepperoni and roasted peppers).

Both of us;

Kim got home and we got the dried laundry from the garage and went right to bed. Curtis is up early for work and Kim is up at around 09:00.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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