Place 49 – Day 132: Auckland – Not Much Goes Right in IT!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a late start so spent the morning asleep and relaxing.

She then headed into work and was working in the restaurant. Kim spent the beginning of her shift setting up for the evening, making sure all the candles were ready and that each section had side plates and cutlery.

Kim then spent most of her evening on the bar, which was fast paced and fun. Towards the end of the evening Kim asked a colleague to do stock and then she restocked the bar.

It was breaded chicken and salad for dinner. Kim, Narina and our friend went out for an after work drink! It was so nice to relax and unwind with her two beautiful colleagues. Narina then headed off, Kim and her other friend headed to another pub for a drink, it was lovely to sit and chat.

On the way home they stopped at McDonalds to grab some chicken nuggets. Kim drank the drink and ate the chips there but took the nuggets home with her to share with Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work at about 07:20 and got prepared for the day. He finally got some licenses he was waiting for, so he drove to a client where he needed to upgrade their machines to windows 10 & install Office 2016.

Curtis thought it wouldn’t take all day as there was just 7 machines to do, but oh was he wrong!

Curtis ended up spending all day trying to get one PC to work… It got upgraded to windows 10 but then wouldn’t connect to the internet.

After hours of trying to fix it, Curtis just rolled it back to windows 7.

He did start another PC but didn’t get to finish it so he left it and will be going back Monday.

Curtis got home at about 16:20 and ate his lunch that he didn’t get to eat.

Once Curtis ate his lunch, he relaxed for a few hours and then had some Mac & cheese with garlic pizza bread for dinner.

Curtis then waited for Kim to come home.

Both of us;

Kim got home and Curtis had poured some whisky out for us both and Kim has bought some chicken nuggets so a pretty good night!

Kim is off work tomorrow so that means a lay in.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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