Place 49 – Day 131: Auckland – Surprisingly Quick Fix

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off. She had a nice long lie in and then spent the day relaxing!

One cool thing that Kim did do was find and watch the one episode of Jane the Virgin that she missed from the first season.

In the afternoon Kim popped out to Glenfield Mall to get some stuff for dinner and a little window shop!

She got Mediterranean chicken and a pepper to make something with!

Then Kim headed home to see Curtis!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis started the day driving to work and he was surprisingly cold! The first port of call was coffee, of course!

Curtis staying in the office catching up on admin and sorting out the plan for the day until about 08:40 when he got an UBER to a client he had to visit.

He had been trying to fix an issue for them for a while and managed to sort it very quickly today, so was there for just a couple of hours before heading back to the office.

Curtis got back and completed some admin and actually did some help desk work for the rest of the day.

Curtis drove home around 16:35 and got home for 17:00.

Both of us;

Kim had been shopping and came back shortly after Curtis had arrived home so almost perfect timing!

Kim made Mediterranean chicken with Mediterranean style vegetables and potatoes. It tasted incredible!

We watched the last 2 episodes of the series of Suits and we had some chocolate cake for dessert.

We played some Fortnite and then went to bed as we are both very tired!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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