Place 49 – Day 130: Auckland – Midweek Day Off & A BBQ!

Kim’s Day;

Kim started work at 6:30 and because today is ANZAC day we didn’t open until 7:30, this gave Kim and her friend a decent amount of time to get really prepared for the day.

They got the outside furniture sorted out and everything set up for breakfast.

During the morning we had more abc more staff turn up in wait for after the parade and service. We watched a bit of the parade from the front door.
It was a lovely sunny day only made better by all the dogs out and about. Kim had a great morning petting all the dogs!

Kim then set up for the check ins for the afternoon. Once she did that she felt a bit like a spare part! She spoke with the other managers on shift, as one also works on reception it was agreed that Kim would leave early after midday to assist in the post service and lunchtime rush.

Kim ended up leaving at about 1pm and headed to the shop on the way home!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a day off today as it was ANZAC Day. This is similar to remembrance day in the UK.

Curtis woke up at 09:00 and had some toast and coffee whilst watching some videos and catching up on things missed overnight on social media.

Curtis then played some games and then Danielle and Josh invited us both to a BBQ so Curtis finalized the details for this whilst Kim was at work.

Curtis got a call from Kim saying she would be home early as it wasn’t that busy, which was a pleasant surprise!

Both of us;

When Kim got home she got showered and ready to head back out. Curtis did the same and we were ready to roll!

Kim watched some TV with our flatmate for a bit and half made a dessert to take with us to our BBQ.

We left and drove the 30 minutes to west Auckland for our BBQ.

Danielle and Josh were at Josh’s grandparents house as they were away and it was a very nice house.

For the BBQ we had steak, homemade burgers, sausages, salad and some potatoes. Delicious! Thank you to Josh for cooking this and to Danielle for putting together the salad.

Josh’s brother joined us at one point and we all had a chat for a bit.

It felt very late, but turned out not to be that late and was only around 19:20! We were so very tired though so we drove home.

We got home and finished the wine we got yesterday and watched some TV.

We finished the night by playing a bit of fortnite.

Curtis is not sure about having to go back to work as being off it felt like a Sunday! On the plus side, Kim is off work tomorrow.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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