Place 49 – Day 128: Auckland – Visiting Multiple Clients

Kim’s Day;

Kim woke up and had a FaceTime with her family which was lovely! She tried getting Ollie dog to listen again and once again it didn’t work. The dog has forgotten her and moved on!
She then relaxed for the morning and then got ready for work.

Once she got to work she found out that a colleague was still sick and wasn’t coming in today.

Luckily all of the check ins happened earlier in the day, this meant that Kim could help on the restaurant floor.
Kim took on a small function that they regularly get. It went well.
Towards the end of the evening Kim took a booking for a room that night, which was good.

Then they cut down on staff to the point where it was just Kim on shift. Once the owner came in he said that Kim could clock off so Kim has her staff meal and then headed home to Curtis! Which is something she is not used to but very happy about!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 06:15 to get ready for work. He had toast for breakfast and had a shower then drove to the office.

Curtis got to the office and right away had to leave to go to a client. He went with his manager and a colleague but didn’t really do much when he got there. As it was his first time on that site, he had to complete a health and safety induction which included a questionnaire and a walk around the site.

Once Curtis did the health and safety tour, he then sat with his colleagues to get the low down on what has already been done.

They finished up there and drove back to the office, getting back about 11:00.

Curtis caught up with some admin and then ate his scrumptious lunch that Kim made him.

After lunch, Curtis went to another client where he needed to sort some network issues. Curtis got here about 14:00 and ended up staying there until 17:30 and still didn’t get what he wanted to get done sorted!

Curtis drove home and made it back at 18:10.

For dinner, Kim has marinaded some chicken in chilli and lime for Curtis to have. With this, Curtis put diced tomatoes, some herbs and spices, chopped pepper, some sliced cherry tomatoes and rice. It was delicious!

Both of us;

Kim left work early so came home early!

We had some wine and watched some TV, still catching up after the weeks Curtis had been away.

Curtis has to go to a different client tomorrow, hoping that it won’t take all day!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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