Place 49 – Day 127: Auckland – Indian Takeaway Night

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had an early start. She did the usual of setting up for breakfast and the outside furniture.

As it is a Sunday the breakfast starts at 7:30 rater than 7 meaning that Kim has a lot o time to get everything ready and set up for the day.

Today was a regular day, and everything went well, Kim took breakfast orders and did all of the check outs. One thing that did confuse Kim was when she saw the wedding couple walk through the front door who were meant to be staying the night at the hotel. They explained that they gave their room key to a groomsman who then took it away with him for the night and then took a flight the following morning!

By the end of her shift Kim had competed all the check ins for the afternoon as well! This meant the Kim had a very short handover to the evening receptionist and was on her way home!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 09:30 and made some breakfast and a coffee and chilled out.

At 11:45, Curtis started to watch the Leafs game. This was an elimination game if the leafs didn’t win, so it was all on the line!

Both of us;

The leafs won! The game came to a conclusion shortly after Kim arrived home so we had some time to spend together.

This time was spent doing a weekly shop. How fun! That being said, we did grab a coffee before we started shopping.

We got our shipping fairly quickly and drove home, followed by having an accidental 1+ hour nap!

Neither of us felt too great after, so we watched a TV show and then went and collected our Indian Takeaway.

Once we finished eating we sat and watched some more TV (including some with MAJOR plot twists!) and then made some lunch for Curtis for tomorrow as he is actually back in Auckland for a week at least so requires lunch.

Bed time. We’re both incredibly exhausted and Kim gets some extra sleep as she doesn’t start work until 14:00.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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