Place 49 – Day 126: Auckland – No Show

We both woke up at 08:45 and had some breakfast. We just had a toasted English muffin.

Kim’s Day;

Kim headed into work for 10 and got things ready for the two functions, one was of 12 and the other was of 19. Kim made sure that both of the tables were beautiful and everything was ready to go.

The smaller function was due to arrive before the larger but as time when by and the larger function got underway it became apparent that the smaller function were not coming. We held the table for 2 ours as they gave us a rough time. It was quite frustrating but this sort of thing happens!

The larger function was a successes! The birthday went well and everyone was fed and happy.

During the day someone from a previous function popped in for lunch and thanked everyone again for a wonderful time, which was really nice!

In the evening Kim spent her time keeping an eye on all of the sections.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis pretty much did nothing all day, which was nice though it was a little boring. Curtis is used to having a hockey game to play at the weekend but there isn’t one this week so it’s odd!

Curtis played a lot of Xbox and watched YouTube videos.

At some time after 16:00, Curtis went to get some dinner from the supermarket. Kim had said that there was a nice chicken katsu and rice meal there. Curtis looked crazy buying 3 of them, but they were only small and one was for Kim!

Curtis got these, went home and ate. He then waited for Kim to come home.

Both of us;

Kim got home at about 22:20 and she showered and then ate dinner. Whilst Kim ate, we watched the latest Suits episode and then went to sleep as Kim is up early again tomorrow to go to work.

Luckily, there is no airport run to do on Monday for the first time in a month!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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