Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 125 & 18: Auckland & Wellington – Last Flight Home from Wellington

Kim’s Day;

Kim had a doctors appointment in the morning. So she headed off, too early at 9:10, for that.

After she came home and had some breakfast and watched the final episode of queer eye! She then did a little research on flights and possible trips!

Kim then did all the boring housework, hoovering, dishes and all that fun stuff.

She then got ready and headed into work.

Once she arrived Kim started her day with a little back office stuff that took a few hours and then she prepared for a function that was on in the evening. She got herself well prepared!

The function went well, everyone was fed and happy, which is brilliant.
Kim then spent a bit of time setting up for the two functions that are on tomorrow!

She also then set up for breakfast service.

Kim then stopped at McDonald’s to grab some dinner to take home for Curtis and herself as the shops were closer so she couldn’t cook! What a shame!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis started the day with checking out. Curtis checked out and drove for his final breakfast at Carlton Cafe!

Curtis had pancakes with maple syrup, banana and bacon… There was far too much but it was delicious!

Curtis left here and drove to the client for the final time. He had to cover the helpdesk from 09:00-10:00 which was strange as he hasn’t had to do so for such a long time! Curtis got his teeth stuck into some problems from that and then went right back into finishing up for the client.

Curtis was sat in the ‘sunroom’ for the morning which gets all the sunlight and is very peaceful! That being said, Curtis got invaded by a lot of people so it ruined it a bit. Curtis then went and found another room.

Curtis didn’t have too much to do but had to write up a few emails to prepare the client for the future without him there and had to sort a few issues.

Just as Curtis was going to leave he got approached by a few people asking for help, which Curtis gave.

Curtis was able to get to the airport at almost a perfect time, having just enough time to grab a beer before the flight.

The flight was incredibly bumpy just after take off but much better after that and it even landed 15 minutes early!

Curtis got an uber home and then waited for Kim to come home from work.

Both of us;

Kim got home with our dinner, the finest McDonald’s, and we watched one TV show before heading to bed as Kim has work in the morning.

It’s nice for Curtis to be home… He’s home this whole week at least too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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