Place 49 & 53 – Day 124 & 17: Auckland & Wellington – Extra Work?!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was due to start at 11, so she woke u around 9:30 and saw a message asking if she could come in early. After getting a few things done around the house and getting ready, Kim only arrived to work 30 minutes early.

Kim then took over on reception, but still managed to get some back office stuff done. She also helped out in the restaurant because someone else called in sick.

For lunch Kim had a very delicious lamb wrap.

The day went pretty quick with Kim managing the restaurant and manning the reception desk. This went very well even through it was just Kim and a very new member of staff.

During happy hour Kim hopped on the bar to help out, and then went back on to reception to get some stuff done. At the end of her shift, Kim sat down with the new staff member and they ate their dinner of lamb wraps! Kim is all lamb wrapped out today!

Kim then drove home and had a nice chat with Curtis. He is finally coming home for more than two days this weekend and Kim s very happy about that as it has been a long 4 weeks with him away!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up and knocked the lamp off of the bedside table by accident, which certainly woke him up! Luckily, the lamp was fine so Curtis went about his day.

After showering and getting ready, Curtis drove to get breakfast.

Curtis had bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast along with a coffee. Curtis bought a Bundaberg at the end of breakfast too to take with him.

Curtis got right to work once he got to the client. He had been sent a lot overnight again so had to work on that.

Curtis was able to get the printer setup sorted today, too.

Due to getting the printer setup sorted, Curtis had to set these up on everyone’s laptop. Due to this, Curtis therefore had to remote in after 17:30 to do this. Whilst he was sorting the printers, Curtis installed some software for a telephone system. All in all it was about 2 or 3 hours extra work.

Curtis finished working around 21:30, just in time to write this and speak with Kim briefly before she drove home from work.

Once Kim got home, we both spoke to each other again and then went to sleep.

Tomorrow is Curtis’ last day in Wellington!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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