Place 49 & 53 – Day 121 & 14: Auckland & Wellington – One Last Week & Quizzin’ Again!

Kim’s Day;

Kim took Curtis to the airport, again and then headed home to go back to sleep. Hopefully this will be the last time she has to do this for a while, its been a long time since they spent a full week together.

She woke up later in the morning to have a FaceTime call with her family. It was so lovely to see and talk to them, Kim misses them a lot.

Kim then got ready for the day and headed out to pick up Tabitha who she was having some lunch / brunch with. It was nice to catch up and eat nice food. Kim had a bacon and egg sandwich, it was delicious! Kim then gave her a lift to the airport, its apparently a fun place to drive to twice in one day!

She then headed home again and settled in to watch some TV. As it is a Monday and Kim has a day off, it can only mean one thing – QUIZ NIGHT! Kim set off a few hours before to pick Danielle up and go window shopping. So the girls spent about an hour walking around the shops and looking at nice things. Towards the end Danielles mum joined us and then we headed to the quiz when Josh arrived.

We all sat down and ordered our food and waited for the quiz to begin. At 5 to it looked like there were some technical difficulties as the laptop was not connecting to the projector. I the end it took 40 minutes, a ladder on a table and lots of emotional support for the nice quiz man to get the quiz underway! We skipped the first round and didn’t dally around with the rest of the quiz. For dinner Kim ate a pesto chicken pasta and then a caramel chocolate tart, which came with no caramel!

All in all we had a lovely evening and then we all headed home!

Kim then had a nice chat with Curtis before heading to bed, its been a fun filled day with loads of lovely people!!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to the airport with Kim, said his goodbyes, and went into the airport.

Curtis checked his bag and grabbed a McDonald’s breakfast quick before going through security.

The airport was actually a little busy today, but Curtis got to the gate with about 10 minutes until boarding.

Once he got on the plane, he was pretty much asleep from the get go!

Curtis got to Wellington and got his car (a Yaris this time…) and drove to the client. He was incredibly tired and looking forward to getting a coffee there!

When Curtis arrived, it turned out that the barista was off sick, so no coffee! Luckily, someone there was going out so bought Curtis a cappuccino!

Curtis was there for about 5 hours and had some work to get done in the evening so he left then.

Curtis checked into the hotel and chilled before doing some more work until about 19:30. Luckily the main brunt of the work is almost done!

Curtis ordered Japanese food and it was delightful!

Doesn’t look great but was amazing!

Curtis ate this and just chilled for the evening.

Less than a week and Curtis is finally home! (at least for a week!).

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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