Place 49 – Day 119: Auckland – Nachos!

We woke up at 11:30 and had a tasty breakfast of English muffins with eggs!

We watched some TV and then did the weekly fun job of laundry. Once we finished the laundry we got ready and went to the shopping mall. It was very, very rainy so it was a mad dash from the car park to the mall.

Once we got into the mall, we bought some necessary items from the Warehouse and then went for a coffee at the usual stop, Coffix! We also got a peppermint slice each.

We then went to the supermarket to get food for dinner.

We drove home from the mall and had to pretty much leave again once we got in for Curtis to play hockey!

Curtis’ team lost 2-0 but played very well and it was very enjoyable!

Danielle and Josh came to watch also and we all went back to our apartment after and Kim made dinner. She made chilli and lime breaded chicken as well as Nachos!

We had a cookies and cream cheese cake for dessert and ended up chatting until 23:30 when Danielle and Josh left.

We tidied up and went straight to bed! We’re very tired!

This time last year!

It’s been a whole year since we last did it, but today would have been Curtis’ grandad’s birthday.

Poroporoaki, Ken ♥️

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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