Place 49 & 53 – Day 115 & 10: Auckland & Wellington – All Day Storm β˜” πŸƒ

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim did actually start at two, so she had a nice relaxed morning! She watched the storm roll in over Auckland and saw a couple of flashes of lightning too!

On the drive into work a few of the traffic lights were not working, which made for a confusing drive!

When Kim got into work she took over from both managers so was working on reception and managing the restaurant. This meant that Kim had a lot of time to go through emails, confirm bookings, but also get up and help out on the floor.

The whole shift was relatively uneventful but it was still a good shift. throughout the evening the storm just got worse. Towards the end of the shift the hotel had the lights flicker in the restaurant a couple of times, on the last time the street lights outside all went off.

On the drive home there were patches of no street or traffic lights. There was also bits of tree everywhere, and not just the occasional small branch, there was a full chunk of tree in the road. Kim saw one wheely bin trapped under a massive clump of tree!

Kim came home, relaxed and then had a nice chat to Curtis before heading to bed.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 07:30 and got ready to leave the hotel. He left at about 08:00 and got to his favorite Cafe for breakfast!

Instead of the usual panini, Curtis got bacon and eggs on toast which hit the spot.

Curtis got to the client (thought it was very busy!) and got right to work. It turned out that some files hadn’t migrated so he had to work on that for most of the day as well as some other issues here and there.

Before he knew it, Curtis had done more than his 6 hours of support and headed back to the hotel.

Once he got back, he chilled for 30 minutes and then got back to work. He had to migrate some more folders and had to actually make sure they worked!

This was done by 22:00.

It hasn’t stopped raining since last night in Wellington so it’s fairly miserable as well as very wet and windy!

Curtis went to get some McDonald’s for dinner because he couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else and had work to do!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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