Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 114 & 9: Auckland & Wellington – Wellington Pt. 3

We woke up together at the lovely time of 04:30.

Kim came with Curtis to the airport and then drove the car back home.

Kim’s Day;

Once Kim dropped Curtis off at the airport she drove home, texted Curtis and her family for a bit before getting some more sleep.

Today Kim thought she started at 2, it turns out the this was not the case and Kim work up and then realised that she was meant to be at work! This meant that Kim had to get ready and get to work sharpish. Luckily Kim was only on admin until 2 so she didn’t cause anyone any issues.

When Kim got in she made a start going through upcoming events and filing the functions folder. It was really good to go through everything and get a better understanding.

Kim then had a meeting at 2 with someone who is planning a birthday party. Kim sat down and went through the room layout and their plans for the function. Kim really enjoyed this and might have even managed to sell a room or two to go with the function!

She then had some lunch and started to draw up a table lay out for the function and write up what they had discussed.

Kim then had a few check ins throughout the day and sent out a chaser for arrival times for all upcoming bookings for the whole coming week.

The dinner after work was absolutely perfect, it was a sweet lamb dish and salad. She sat and ate with Tabitha. Today was a productive and good day for Kim!

Kim then headed home and watched a bit of the Common Wealth Games with Nicola while eating a couple of late easter hot cross buns. She then sat down and called Curtis, the perfect way to end a day.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got into the airport and checked his bag. He then went and hot some breakfast from McDonald’s.

Curtis got through security and had plenty of time so decided he would get a coffee… Only to find out that the coffee shop was closed!

Curtis just sat at the gate waiting to board the plane.

During the flight, Curtis got a coffee and had a little nap before arriving in Wellington.

Curtis got his rental car (still not a Mustang) and drove to the client.

When Curtis got to the client, there was a lot to do and he didn’t stop for the whole time! He eventually left around 15:00.

Curtis got back to the hotel and ended up doing a bit more work before chilling for a bit and then doing MORE work!

Curtis had to migrate a lot of files and it wasn’t playing ball, so took most of the evening.

Curtis got some food from the hotel as it was raining a crazy amount outside before chatting with Kim for a bit before bed!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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