Place 49 – Day 113: Auckland – Split Shift

Kim’s Day;

Kim left for work at 06:00 and got to work on time.

She got to work and setup for breakfast and then moved furniture around outside.

Kim got all paper work ready for the checkouts and then completed all the checkouts!

After this, Kim then got ready for the two events she had today.

Kim had one ‘high tea’ for the afternoon, in which one person arrived on time and everyone else an hour later due to traffic!

Kim went on lunch and spoke with Curtis and saw a lot of dogs which she stroked, of course! For lunch, Kim had a flatbread from Subway.

After lunch, Kim setup the ballroom for the evening event and the client popped in to drop off some items.

The event was a 3 course meal for a birthday party and it went brilliantly! Everyone was very happy and had a good time and Kim was super organized.

Once the event was done, the rooms all had to be reset to how they were before.

Kim then had some dinner (potato salad?) and drove home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 09:45, showered and made a coffee and a hot crossed bun for breakfast and sat down ready to watch hockey at 11:00.

Curtis watched hockey and, at about 12:00, he had to do some work for next week in Wellington.

Curtis worked until 15:00 and then just played some games and chilled out as well as getting packed for net week.

Both of us;

When Kim got home she brought Curtis some chicken and rice from work so we sat with a beer and watched the Commonwealth Games with our flatmate before going to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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