Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 111 & 8: Auckland & Wellington – Impromptu Dinner Date!

Kim’s Day;

Today was a day off for Kim! Woo!
She started her day as she meant to go on, doing nothing!

Kim didn’t manage to watch any TV last night so watched queer eye while eating breakfast and then spent a few hours just relaxing and doing nothing.

Mid afternoon Kim made a start on boring admin stuff. She had to do the banking and do tax stuff. This was time consuming and boring, but had to be done!

After this Kim treated herself to a game of fortnite.

Kim then headed out to help Nicola get another sofa for the living room. When she got there they tried fitting the sofa in her car but when that didn’t work they tried fitting it in Nicolas car, once through the boot and once through the door with the seats hidden away. No matter what they did they were not able to fit the sofa into either cars.

Nicola then called a friend for help and Kim set off to pick Curtis up from the airport. Halfway there she remembered that she was also giving Curtis work friend a lift too which meant she had to move the sofa cushions and back seats around in her car to fit everyone and their luggage in!

Kim then parked up in the pick up / drop off point and called Curtis because did not see her waving.
It’s nice to have him home again. Even if it is only for a few days!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis grabbed one of the incredible paninis again, along with a (XL) cappuccino! He then grabbed one coffee to go and got right to the client.

There were some issues to pickup but there were only a couple of things planned to do.

Curtis was given a room he could sit in and he worked through the items as well as sorting out the planned items.

Curtis had a Skype call with his new manager regarding his annual appraisal and then had to get to the airport.

Curtis got on his flight (with an upgrade to an exit row, again!) and got a free sandwich and coffee.

Both of us;

When Curtis landed, Kim came and picked him and Colten up.

We drove Colten home and had a chat with him and his girlfriend before heading to the city.

We stopped at Curtis’ work to get his car and for Curtis to get changed and then we walked to the city to find food.

We found a hotel restaurant which had incredible looking food for a decent price.

We both had the steak, which came with a jus, trio of carrot, baby kumara and a truffle butter. It was incredible.

We drove back home and moved a sofa upstairs to the living room before chilling out for the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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