Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 110 & 7: Auckland & Wellington – Curry Night!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had planned to head into work for 11, but woke up to a message that we had a person over to fix the fridge for 10:30-11. Kim then arranged to be in work a little later, at this point everyone just wants a working fridge!

The guy came by to fix the fridge and it took him 10 minutes to locate the issue, a snapped sire in between the wire holder, and fix it. After he had done this he ran a few tests to ensure that everything was running smoothly. The whole thing still cost less than it would for the official company call out fee!

Kim then headed into work about 30 minutes late. It was a good thing that Kim was in early for admin as her colleagues child wasn’t feeling well so needed to be picked up from school This just meant hat Kim manned reception for an extra few hours.

In the time between Kims proper reception shift at 2 Kim got a bit of admin done, this was mainly getting things ready for the power outage that is due to happen in the evening.

Come 2pm Kim was ready to go on reception and look over as restaurant manager too. Just before three she sat down for some lunch, it was a veggie and chorizo pasta.

Kim then spent the most of her afternoon balancing admin, check ins and restaurant. Luckily the restaurant wasn’t too busy so Kim was able to get a lot of admin done and just jump on bar when needed.

It was a nice and quiet shift where people either went home early or on time. Just before the end, Kim closed a little early and then was on shift all alone, waiting to hand over to the night porter. She then sat down and ate her dinner with her boss, which was nice.

Kim then got home and had a nice long chat with Curtis before watching an episode of queer eye.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis went to the Cafe for breakfast again and then went right to client, getting there for around 09:00.

Curtis had some things to do from yesterday but got them sorted as well as speaking to a few people.

Once that was done, there were a few more areas left that needed to be migrated and the majority got completed today. It was a pretty productive day!

Curtis left at around 16:30 (having not had lunch!) and went back to the hotel and worked from 18:30-20:30 and then went out for dinner.

Colten and Curtis decided to get Subway again, but smelled an Indian place on the way so had a curry instead. Curtis thinks it was one of the best curries he’s had!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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