Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 108 & 5: Auckland & Wellington – A Busy Girls Night In

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went into work nice and early after waving Curtis goodbye.

She got all the usual reception and restaurant stuff ready and continued her day with the few check outs she had. Around mid morning Kim agreed to work a little later and stay on until 6 to cover in restaurant.

Kims morning went nice and smoothly, she had enough time to look into upcoming dates arrival times and things like that.

Kim then moved onto restaurant at 2, about an hour into her shift a couple had a look around the bar and asked to speak with someone in regards to a possible wedding booking! So Kim sat down with them and went through some of the things we could offer and gauged what sort of reception the couple were looking for. It was very interesting and exciting!

When Kim got home she noticed that the fridge had an alarm going off again, she managed to stop it constantly beeping but messaged her flatmate to let her know that the fix we tried of the night before didn’t work.

A few minutes after Kim got home Danielle was round as they had planned to get some of her wedding invites done. Before we could do that we needed sustenance so we got pizza!

When they got back from picking up the pizza their flatmate was home so she joined for pizza and then we made a start on the invites. We had a good little production line going until Danielle noticed that the folds provided for the invites didn’t align very well causing them not to fit together too well.

When Josh came to pick Danielle up he got us two bags of ice so we could try to keep our frozen food frozen while we defrosted the freezer. He also made a cable to connect the TV to the satellite, he is a wonderful magical person! The crazy thing to think is that f we hadn’t got to the we The Kings concert the other month that we never would have met them and that would be a terrible thing!

Danielle and Josh then headed home after some leftover pizza and dessert. Kim and their flatmate sat down and had a bit of a chat before Kim went to call Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 05:30 today and got ready, just in time to grab an UBER to the airport.

Curtis got to the airport and Colten was waiting for him there, so they checked in an dropped their bags.

They went right through security and up to near the gate where there was a cafe.

They both of a toasted ham and cheese croissant and a cappuccino.

The flight went to final call incredibly quick so Curtis had to down his coffee and get to the plane.

The flight was delayed so they got there a little later than expected but they did get a Mazda 3 upgrade!

Curtis and Colten went right to the client and got started.

Curtis worked flat out until about 15:00 when he and Colten went to get lunch and then got right back to work.

Curtis worked basically up until 22:00!

Tomorrow will be another big long day as the biggest department needs to be done so that may take all day by itself.

Curtis will be up around 07:30 tomorrow to get to the client in time, not before breakfast though, of course!

Oh! Curtis also found out that he will more than likely have to be down in Wellington for the next two weeks too…

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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