Place 49 – Day 107: Auckland – Basically a Plumber & Homemade Lasagne

We woke up and had the same breakfast as yesterday and then just relaxed for a few hours.

We then got ready and drove to Glenfield Mall to get some ingredients for our homemade lasagne! Whilst there, we grabbed a coffee from Coffix too and then went to the shops. We went to the Warehouse and bought some toothpaste among other items.

We made our way home and made a start on the Lasagne.

We made everything from scratch, other than the pasta sheets.

It took a while to cook and assemble, but we made it just in time for our friends to arrive.

Before they arrived, Kim noticed the sink was leaking and upon further inspection she noticed that the pipe was slightly undone so we rectified that quickly and continued with the evening!

They came bearing games but we ended up just playing UNO, along with trying to fix our fridge which kept beeping!

We put the Lasagne in the oven for 45 minutes and it was perfect! It was incredibly tasty and we would definitely have it again!


we were dishing up, our flatmate arrived so we all sat down and ate lasagne, followed by (an average) tiramisu.

We had bit of a chat and then Danielle and Josh left.

We got ready for bed and then played some fortnite.

Curtis is away in Wellington again for 4 days, so that will be long days again!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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