Place 49 – Day 106: Auckland – Onepoto Domain

We woke up nice and late at 11:30 and had a spectacular breakfast. Kim made ham and cheese toasties with a poached egg on top alongside a hash brown.

After we ate, Curtis watched hockey until 14:00, when we watched a bit of TV and played some games.

The weather was too nice not to enjoy it, so we went for a walk to Onepoto Domain which is right on our doorstep! This is a fielded, forest and wetland area which is great for walking.

When we eventually left here, we drove to McDonald’s to get a drink. Curtis got a cappuccino and Kim got a frozen lemon.

We got home and watched some more TV before making dinner.

For dinner, we had some frozen chilli that we made a while ago so we defrosted that and had that. It was very tasty!

We finished up the night by watching ‘The Darkest Hour’ which is a good but slow film. It is very interesting though and shows all the different sides of Churchill and everyone’s perception of him, so that part is very good.

Tomorrow is another full day together and then Curtis is off to Wellington again for the rest of the week!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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