Place 49 – Day 104: Auckland – 7 Year Anniversary!

We woke up at the lovely time of 1100 and Kim made grilled cheese for breakfast!

We sat and watched some TV and played games for most of the day, which was a lovely relax and the perfect way to spend an anniversary!

Curtis booked a table at a Japanese restaurant right next to the beach in Takapuna and had read only good things!

We drove to Takapuna and entered the restaurant which was small but looked excellent.

For a starter, we had the duck dumplings which came with soy sauce and Japanese mustard.

For main, Curtis had ginger pork belly which came with pickled vegetables and Japanese mayo. Kim had teriyaki chicken which came with ‘rice rolls’.

This was an incredible meal! As you can see, it was excellent presentation as well as amazing tasting.

We left the restaurant and went for a short walk a the beach.

We left the beach and drove home, where we had some wine, champagne and chocolate which we watched TV and played games. If you know us, you know that is our perfect evening, especially on our anniversary!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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