Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 103 & 4: Auckland & Wellington – Almost Missed Flight!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went in at 11 to get some admin done before her reception shift at 2pm.

Kim went around all of the rooms and made a note of the how colour coordinated they all were.

Towards the end of this Kim had a couple of people come in to fix something in one of the bathrooms, this took Kim away from her admin for a while.

At 2 Kim went on to reception and was also the restaurant manager.

Luckily for Kim there were only had a few check ins planned for the evening and Kim already knew their rough times of arrivals.

There were two functions on tonight as well as being the first night of a long weekend, meaning that Kim did little to no reception work because it was so busy.

Kim took on one of the functions, a birthday party with 27 guests. It went very smoothly and Kim was happy with it all.

Today was an interesting, long but fun shift. But Kim was so happy to get home, see curtis, put her feet up and have a whiskey at the end of the day.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was at 08:00 to get ready to leave for 09:00.

Once he left at 09:00, he and Colten went to a cafe and had a light breakfast. Curtis had a sausage roll (which he is pretty sure was lamb!) and a cappuccino.

They then went right to the client.

There were a few niggling issues that they had to sort so they did that for most of the morning.

In the afternoon, they migrated about 6 machines and then checked on how everyone was doing before heading to the airport!

When they got to the airport and checked their bags, they thought they had time to have a few drinks, so they had a whiskey. Once they ordered a second, Colten realized the time and they had to make haste to the gate as our flight was leaving at 16:45 and it was 16:28!

They got through and boarded fine, but it was a close one!

On the flight home, Curtis had a free beer and some free cheese and crackers!

Curtis got off the flight, got his bag and then booked an uber.

After waiting for 6 minutes for the uber, the driver canceled Curtis had to re book, waiting another 6 minutes!

Curtis eventually got home and it felt nice to be back!

Once he got back, he heated up the curry that Kim had made yesterday and ate that along with a Naan bread.

Curtis then chilled and didn’t have to think about work.

Both of us;

Kim eventually got home and Curtis was able to see her!

We watched suits and had a Whiskey then headed to bed.

It’s nice to know we have a 4 day weekend.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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