Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 102 & 3: Auckland & Wellington – Missed Alarm, Getting Stuff Done and Interesting Meetings

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started nice and early. On the way to work Kim passed some plastic garden chairs and remembered that our flatmate was looking for some so she pulled over and took them for her.

Once Kim got into work she helped set up the restaurant for the day and then made a start on the reception stuff. As she only had three check outs it meant that Kim had a lot of time to get other things done. This meant she was able to set up or the afternoon and ask guests for arrival times for the next couple of days.

Kim and another member of staff went up and fixed two set of curtains in the guests rooms, one was ‘fixed’ by the rest of it falling out of it bracket during inspection of how it can be fixed and the other set just needed to be re-hooked back into place.

Towards the end of the morning Kim was in a mini meeting about some renovation works that could be happening, it was really interesting and fun.

Towards the end of her shift we had people pop in regarding the planned power outage that is due to take place next week which meant Kim had to show the electricians where the switch board was and get a better idea of other plans.

Once Kim got home after work she mooched about and relaxed for a little bit and did nothing! It was lovely! Kim then started to get hungry for dinner and remembered that she had seen a sushi section in the supermarket that also did Katsu curry so she went out to grab this. Unfortunately there was none in stock with meant Kim had to turn to plan B for dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala with naan breads. Kim got a jar of packaged sauce, a packet of naan breads and some chicken and then headed home to make some dinner.

While eating Kim decided she should watch Queer Eye and totally fell in love with the series and has now already watched two episodes!

Kim then relaxed for a bit after and had a nice chat with Curtis before heading to sleep.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis planned to be up for 08:45, but woke up 30 minutes after that! He had 3 alarms set but still managed to sleep through them all.

Due to this, Curtis got up and rushed to get ready so he could get breakfast before heading to the client.

For breakfast, Curtis and Colten went to a nearby Cafe where they got bacon and egg paninis which were beautiful!

After this they went to the client and worked solid until about 17:00. They got a lot done which was good as they didn’t think they were going to today.

They went back to the hotel and Curtis had some more work to do remotely and finished that at about 20:30.

Once this was done, he and Colten ordered dinner which was a curry! Curtis had a chicken tikka masala and a peshwari Naan. It was all average.

Curtis flies back tomorrow evening but will still be heading to the client tomorrow to get a bit more done before coming back next week.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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