Place 49 – Day 97: Auckland – Mini Sofa & Accompaniments

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off! This meant she had a lot of time to get stuff done.

She starts her day by making poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

It went well and they tasted lovely.

Kim then went on a search for a little sofa for their room and found one.

She arranged to pick it up in the evening. While looking for a sofa Kim also found a little suitcase for a bargain of $19 which meant that curtis could give back the one he was borrowing from a work friend.

Kim drove across Auckland to pick up the suitcase and on the way back stopped at Curtis’ office to see what it was like. It’s very big, empty and has bright colours.

Kim the headed home and made a light lunch while she waited for Curtis to come home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and had to figure out what was wrong with a laptop before sending it back to the client.

Curtis got the laptop figured out and then got prepared for the site visit he had to do as well as answering some emails.

At 09:30, Curtis drove to the client who were just down the road.

Curtis had to setup a new wireless access point which was incredibly simple. He then helped with a few questions and issues before leaving and getting back to the office.

Curtis spent the afternoon getting as much either done or handed off for next week.

Curtis is away with his boss in Wellington for the next two weeks so no point him having cases!

Kim popped in to see Curtis in the office at about 15:30 and left shortly after.

Curtis drove home at 16:40.

Both of us;

Once Curtis was home, we watched some TV and relaxed before driving down to Mount Eden to collect a sofa. The sofa just fit in the car, though we did need to strap the boot down a little.

We got it home and took it upstairs and set it up. We feel that it looks good!

We then went out for KFC and when we got home we shared some alcoholic drinks with our flatmate.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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