Place 49 – Day 96: Auckland – Work Christmas(?) Lunch

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on a late start so slept a lot and relaxed in the morning.

Kim was on admin and restaurant.
This meant Kim had a varied role of running food, taking drinks orders and getting a few back office things sorted for the hotel.

At the end of her shift Kim went over to Narina’s to pick up some food that she had kept frozen while they were out of a fridge and freezer.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and when he arrived he knew he only had up to 12:30 to get things done. He had some laptops to finish configuration on, as well as a couple of small things to do in the morning.

Just before 12:00, 6 cases came in for Curtis to do, which he didn’t get time to do in the end, but there went from not much to a lot!

At 12:20, Curtis had a, very late, work Christmas lunch. Curtis and his colleagues walked down to an alehouse to have some lunch. This lasted for about 2 hours.

For starters, they got battered squid, chicken wings, wontons, risotto balls and pulled pork sliders, washed down with a beer!

Once that was done, Curtis had a bit of a chat with his colleagues and then ordered some food. Curtis ordered Bangers and Mash, but made the bad mistake of saying yes to the lunch version, rather than the large version. When it came out, it turned out to be one, very tasty, pork and apple cider sausage with a little bit of mash, onion gravy and peas.

They sat and had conversations and found out some new information and then headed back to the office.

When Curtis got back, he had to move his items from his desk to a new desk, as the desks are getting moved to add offices in, so Curtis did that.

Curtis then got on with some more work he had to get done, and then he had to help move more desks, so that took out some more time!

The day was basically over at this point, so Curtis drove home.

Curtis did nothing when he got home. He just played xbox and watched some YouTube videos.

Tomorrow, Curtis has a lot to do to prepare to go to Wellington next week. He needs to also go onsite to a client tomorrow, hopefully briefly, to setup a wireless access point, but we shall see how that goes!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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