Place 49 – Day 94: Auckland – Just Work

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was working in the afternoon. This meant that she had a nice relaxing morning and got a little admin done too.

Kim was on reception and restaurant management today. This meant that Kim handled all of the check ins but also kept an eye on restaurant until Narina came on shift later on in the evening. Kim set up a section plan and organised peoples breaks.

She also went through the next few days worth of bookings to arrange arrival times and other things. There was also more room service than usual which meant that Kim was able to get away from the desk every now and again. During happy hour Kim helped by clearing glasses and plates, running food and taking the odd drinks order.

Kim left relatively on time and swung by a supermarket on her way home to grab some lunch stuff.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis drove to work and arrived at 07:20 which was a much better time to arrive.

Curtis got right to work, checking and replying to emails. He had a few things planned which he was able to get sorted and he was very much on top of things.

In the afternoon, Curtis was asked to do something with a client’s wifi as well as make some video tutorials for them, so that kept him busy.

Curtis planned to leave at 16:30 but got held up until 16:50.

Cjrtis got home and played some Xbox before making dinner. He made sausages, gravy, potatoes and vegetables again, but much better!

Both of us;

Kim got home and made lunches whilst Curtis emptied the dish washer.

We then sat and watched a TV show before Kim had to do some admin before bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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