Place 49 – Day 92: Auckland – A Sofa!

Kim was working today but not until 14:00 so she made everyone breakfast again and it was great!

Kim went to the shop and Curtis watched hockey after breakfast.

Kim then drove to work.

Kim’s Day;

Kim headed to work with extra time to spare because she anticipated a little extra traffic. She was only half right and it took Kim a whole hour to get to work. The issue with that is that Kim only left 40 minutes to get to working making her 20 minutes late. This was very frustrating.

Once she arrived Kim started on reception and managing the restaurant. This meant that Kim hardly got any admin done in the first few hours.

Towards the end of the shift things started to slow down Kim managed to get a bit of time to sit down and concentrate on admin.

At the end of her shift Kim had a chat with the owner and then headed home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis finished watching hockey and then did the ironing. There was quite a lot of ironing to do as well! During the ironing, Curtis heard Danielle and Josh arrive with the sofa so he went out to help carry that in.

First off, they tried to get it up the stairs, which they did, but then couldn’t fit it in the living room, so they had to go downstairs with the sofa again and lift it in via the balcony. Luckily, Josh had a ladder so we used that also.

Once that was done, Curtis played Xbox for a while before making dinner.

Curtis had sausages, potatoes and gravy. He was going to have vegetables but forgot until the end so didn’t bother.

Curtis noticed a beautiful sunset over the city too!

Both of us;

Kim got home from work and ate the Irish stew she got from her work and we watched some TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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