Place 49 – Day 91: Auckland – Finally A Fridge!

Kim woke up before Curtis and went to the shop to get items for breakfast.

Kim then made breakfast muffins for us accompanied with creamy and cheesy mushrooms.

We then had to wait for the fridge to arrive, which it did eventually along with a chest of draws which we used in our room!

We finally have a fridge! We cleaned our chest of draws then filled it up and now our room looks much better!

We then drove to Curtis’ first ice hockey game of the new season! We drove our flatmate with us too as she wanted to watch.

Curtis got there and started getting changed whilst Kim went to the shop with Nicola.

Our other friends arrived too just before the game started so 4 people in total went to watch Curtis!

The game started with a face off loss for Curtis and the game was interesting. It was a pretty bad game, a lot of icings and not many goals!

Curtis team ended up winning 2-1 and Curtis got a penalty for ‘interference’ which was an odd call.

We left the rink and drove home and our friends followed. We got home and sat and had a chat for a while and decided what we wanted to eat.

We drove down to Takapuna and walked around there until we found an Italian place.

The service wasn’t great but the food was good! Kim had a risotto and Curtis had a salmon penne pasta dish.

We left here and drove back home then had a chat (and some homemade dessert from Kim) with our amazing friends, Josh (the flamboyant) and Danielle, for a few hours until they left.

We then had ginger beer and whiskey and watched some TV.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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