Place 49 – Day 90: Auckland – Surprise!

Kim’s Day;

When Kim got to work she was on restaurant and it was a busy evening!

She managed to get 20-40 minutes of catching up on some of the admin she missed the day before which was pretty good.

Kim had one table in her section who had a three course meal. They were very lively and it gave Kim good experience with the menu.

When Kim wasn’t helping her customers she spent her evening assisting other people’s section by taking drinks orders and running food.

At the end of her shift Kim went to the pub down the road with another manager and had a great chat.

Kim intended to grab a KFC on the way home but they closed early so she couldn’t.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was up at 07:00 to get ready to leave the hotel. Curtis had a flight at 10:00 so got to the airport for around 08:00. When Curtis arrived, he accidentally drove past the car park so had to turn around and then when he went back in he accidentally went into the regular car park rather than the rentals car park, meaning he had to go and get a refund for his parking ticket and then, you guessed it, had to turn around and go back into the car park. He parked in the correct place and then went and checked his bag.

For breakfast, Curtis sat down at a cafe and had fried eggs on toast with a cappuccino!

Curtis then waited for the call to go through security and then he went through, waited for a moment and boarded the plane!

The flight was very bumpy but overall was good! Curtis flew over mountain ranges and there were great views of the hills and mountains.


im surprised Curtis at the airport and picked him up then we drove to do a quick spot of shopping. We got some drinks as well as an ironing board, iron and a couple of t-shirts for Kim.

Kim went off to work when we got back from the shops and Curtis stayed at home. Curtis had to work until 16:30, so he did that as well as watching hockey.

After this, Curtis put on a wash.

Once the wash was done, Curtis hung it out and then made himself some dinner. Just simple pasta with a tin of diced tomatoes seasoned with herbs and spices. Actually quite nice.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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