Auckland, Dunedin

Place 49 & 52 Day 89 & 4: Auckland & Dunedin – Wrapping It Up

Kim’s day;

Today Kim had a late start but decided to do something useful with her morning and hung the new curtains. They look really nice!

Kim headed into work and was on an evening admin and resorting shift meaning that Kim dealt with some back office hotel stuff but also got to assist with the restaurant and bar. This allowed Kim to run food, take drinks orders and get away from the desk every now and again!

At the end of her shift Kim gave a colleague a life home and then popped around Narina’s house to help her get ready for her mini break back home. This mean that Kim sat around chatting with Narina for an hour or so and then shoved everything that was needed into the back of her car late at night! As she walked back to her car she gave Curtis a quick call to see how his day went, it was nice to have a little catch up.

Kim is so excited for Curtis to come home tomorrow!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a McDonald’s breakfast and then got to the client for around 08:45. There wasn’t much planned to do but then when he eventually got there some more people had arrived with their laptops so Curtis had to do these. This took pretty much all day as well as helping with ongoing problems and answering questions.

Curtis left about 16:00 and went to subway for some food before going to the apartment to finish some admin work. He had planned to leave the client much earlier but the whole working day ended up being about 9 hours.

Curtis got his flight changed to 10:00 tomorrow so he will be home before 13:30!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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