Place 49 & 52 Day 88 & 3: Auckland & Dunedin – Weeknight Party & Another Amazing Drive

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on the early shift. She was at work by 6:30 and was on reception. All of the check outs went well and this gave Kim a lot of time to get admin done.

Kim finished at 2 and headed home to relax before going out to a surprise leaving meal for a colleague.

Kim headed across the North Shore to where dinner would be and waited for Narina to arrive with the lady who is leaving. We had a lovely meal. Kim had a steak and cheesecake and it was delicious.

After the meal they all headed out and met up with some more worn friends.

Kim is currently still out but will be heading home shortly because she is tired!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to the client a little later today and the monitor he was waiting for hadn’t been delivered yet so he helped out a little bit with people who were unsure how to do different things as well as checked if anyone had any issues at all.

After this, Curtis drove up to Oamaru which was about 1.5 hours away. The drive was beautiful with big rolling hills and Curtis’ ears even popped when going up and down the hills!

Curtis got to the client and spent a few hours there getting things done and then left around 15:00.

Curtis drove back to the client in Dunedin and the monitor had arrived so he sat down and setup the desktop he had been planning to setup for the last few days!

He finished this about 17:45 and then drove back to the apartment.

Curtis went to McDonald’s and got a ‘gourmet creations’ burger which was tasty!

Curtis had a bit of admin to do when he got home and then just chilled out.

Curtis is hoping to be finished tomorrow and maybe fly home a little earlier.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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