Auckland, Dunedin

Place 49 & 52 Day 86 & 1: Auckland & Dunedin 🇳🇿 – Edinburgh Replica

We woke up at 05:20 to get to the airport.

Curtis drove to the airport with Kim in the car and then they swapped seats when Curtis went into the airport.

Kim’s Day;

Once Kim had dropped Curtis off she drove home and hopped back in bed to get another few hours of sleep.

Once she woke up, she felt she deserved a McDonalds as she did get up to take Curtis. Once she grabbed some breakfast she headed home to FaceTime her family as it is Mothers Day at home.

She had a nice long chat with her family and then just relaxed until she started to get ready for work.

Kim started at two so headed in to work and had a quick early afternoon with all the guests checking in by 6pm.

This meant that Kim had a fair few hours to get some admin done.

She smiled upcoming guests to get their time of arrival. Later on in the evening Kim made up new tab cards as the older ones were starting to look a little rough around the edges.

At the end of the shift Kim had a tasty chicken schnitzel and chips.
Once Kim got home she grabbed a drink and their flatmate came out to have a chat.

As it has the weather has been a bit rubbish Kim made them both a hot chocolate and shared some cookies.

It was nice to come in and have someone to chat with.

Kim ended her evening by relaxing, writing the blog and talking to Curtis.

Curtis’ Day;

The airport was incredibly busy this morning and Curtis got his bag checked and then went and got a McDonald’s breakfast and coffee.

Once he ate, he went through security and sat at the gate for a while then boarded the plane. On the plane, he got a lot of sleep which was good as it was all go once he landed!

Curtis got to the airport and got his rental car. He got upgraded again and got what must be the longest car in the world, a new Mazda 6.

Curtis drove to his accommodation and checked in, then headed to the client. There were some beautiful views on the drive too!

Curtis was greeted by a dog today!

He got 2 PCs migrated today, but planned to get more done. Unfortunately, there were no power cables with the PCs that were delivered so Curtis had to go and get some which wasted some time, though migrating 2 people is better than none.

Curtis left the client around 17:00 and got back to the apartment where he relaxed for a bit and then took a 20/30 minute walk to find food. Curtis couldn’t decided what he wanted, but eventually decided to settle on a burger from ‘Velvet Burgers’ he got the ‘Cheesy Bro’ and a Corona! It was a pretty nice burger, though not amazing.

On his walk around, he found a Cadbury factory/Cadbury world! Sounds like that is somewhere we have to visit together!

Another interesting Dunedin fact given to us by our flatmate: All the roads are an exact replica of Edinburgh’s roads!

Curtis got back to the apartment around 19:00 and just chilled. He is up fairly early tomorrow to get as much/all of the office done and then he has to go to another office, but that will probably be on Wednesday.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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