Place 49 – Day 85: Auckland – Throwing Pizza & Big Roast Dinner!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went in to work super early and was on reception.

It was a pretty normal day of check outs, admin and other reception stuff.
During the lunch rush Kim was asked to take some food out, it was a pizza, nothing exciting or interesting.

At one point during delivering the pizza to the customer Kim turned and accidentally threw / dropped the pizza on the floor and across a pillar.

It landed face down and made an impressive splat sound. Luckily for Kim she did it right in the centre of the bar and restaurant area where all of the customers saw and then all three of her colleague walked past second later. So that was good.
Kim did not run anymore food after that.

Toward the end of her shift Kim showed a family around the hotel and let them see a variety of rooms as they might make a large booking.

During the day Kim suggested a roast to Curtis and their flatmate. Luckily everyone was onboard with idea and this meant Kim was very excited to get home and eat dinner.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis planned to sleep until around 10:00 but slept until around 07:00 when he woke up wide awake.

After an hour of relaxing in bed doing the ever fun past time of scrolling through various social media platforms with no end goal, Curtis got out of bed, showered and grabbed some jam on toast with a ginger beer.

Curtis then relaxed and played games until 13:00 where he watched the Leafs and then Kim got home at around 15:00.

Both of us;

Curtis finished watching the hockey game whilst Kim popped to the shops to get some more items for dinner.

Our flatmate and Kim lovingly prepared dinner and what a feast it was!

We had shoulder of pork (crackling included!) with broccoli, peas, roasted vegetables and a homemade beer and onion gravy.

We had this with some wine and sat and chatted for a few hours before retiring to bed.

We watched some TV then had a chat with Curtis’ family which was lovely to catch up!

We are up early as Curtis is off to Dunedin so another early flight!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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