Place 49 – Day 84: Auckland – Productive and fun Saturday

We started the day with a nice big breakfast made by Kim! We had sausages, scrambled egg, hash browns and beans.

We devoured our breakfast and then left to start our day.

We went to Glenfield mall to buy some room related items as well as go to a laundromat as we don’t currently have a washing machine!

We gave the laundromat the laundry and then went to a few shops. We bought some curtains for our room as we wanted darker ones. We got some ‘monster size’ towels too!

We went to another shop and bought a clothes drying rack.

We got back to the car and drove to pickup our laundry. This was ready for us when we got there which was easy!

We drove from here back home and hung out our laundry before trying to fit the curtains. The curtains were too small for the windows so we had to replace them.

Curtis had a pre season game of hockey so we left to go to that. Whilst Curtis got changed, Kim went to exchange the curtains for ones that will fit.

Curtis scored the first goal of the game which was great and really enjoyed playing with his new team! First game of the season next Saturday.

We had friends come and watch the hockey and turn we went for dinner after. We got burritos and chips and the burritos were delicious!

We drove from here to Krispy creme as they have just opened their first ever NZ store and there was a big line! We decided against it and got back in the car.

Our friends had said they knew of a cool place in Auckland fairly close to our house. We followed them there and it was stunning! A view of the city at night right next to the water. We stayed here for a bit and then drove home. We had a drink and chat with our flatmate and then headed off to bed. We are exhausted!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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