Place 49 – Day 83: Auckland – Evening Wine

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim started in the late morning again to do admin.

Kim went all around the rooms to get an understanding of the hotel during when she got in.

From then on in Kim spent most of her afternoon and evening helping in the restaurant. For lunch Kim had a tasty pasta dish.

Kim’s job in the evening was to keep an eye on the inside of the restaurant and ensure everything was running smoothly. This meant she would polish cutlery, make sure customers are happy and assist staff members if needed.

It was a vibrant and busy Friday night… the best kind!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left at 06:47 and got to the car only to realise that Kim’s car’s lights were on! He ran back to the apartment to get her keys and turn the lights off and then run back to give the keys back. This meant he didn’t leave until around 07:00.

The traffic wasn’t terrible but also wasn’t great and he got to work with 4 minutes to spare!

Curtis had a few cases to get done before going away next week.

Right away, Curtis sorted a problem for someone from yesterday and that was one case done already!

Curtis then had a couple of laptops to configure, package and book a courier for, which is he completed.

At lunch, Curtis bought his boss a coffee as well as one for himself and a toasted wrap (it was basically a burrito).

At about 15:00, Curtis was informed of another couple of laptops that needed to be done before Monday, so he then had to rush to get those done.

It became a race to the end of the day as he also had to reassign cases, resolve some cases, ask questions and setup 3 laptops to be remoted into.

Curtis got what he needed to be done in time to go home which was good, so he then drove home and chilled out.

Curtis made some noodles and played Xbox. He got bored of playing Xbox so played on the laptop for a bit, just to switch it up!

Both of us;

Kim got home about 23:00 and our flatmate got home at around the same time.

We had bought a bottle of cheap sparking wine for when we moved in and so we sat down and we drank that whilst we chatted about everything and anything!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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